Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Terrific Toddler Toys on a Budget: Magnetic Sets

I'm always amazed when parents spend hundreds of dollars on toddler toys only to find their little ones more interested in playing with the box! 

Since I live on a budget, I'm always trying to find reasonably priced toys for my toddler.  Recently my three year old has discovered the magic of magnets.  And so I have been on a search for magnetic toys on a budget.  Keep in mind, most magnetic toys are for ages three years old and up.

I found several companies who make magnetic sets perfect for provoking imaginative play. The first one is Smethport.  Smethport features their Create-A-Scene line which includes several 19 inch by 14 inch playsets.  The Smethport sets have a sealed finish, are thin, yet sturdy and fold in half for easy storage.  Sets usually offer 20 to 40 colorful magnets in themes like:  amusement parks, dollhouses, airports, dinosaurs, fairies, trains, Noah's Ark and more.  Smethport also makes a smaller set that measures 6 by 9 and is ideal for travel.  Toddler toy magnetic sets by Smethport are priced at $8.00 and up.

Imaginetics is another fantastic company that creates whimsical magnetic toys for toddlers.  Imaginetic sets measure 9 inches by 12 inches and include the following fun scenes:  My Little Pony, fire station, pet vet, trucks and more.

Both types of magnet sets can be purchased at Amazon.com, but you will also find them at specialty toy stores around the country.  These wonderful magnetic sets also make for a great kid's birthday gift on a budget!


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