Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Make Salami and Cheese Appetizers on a Budget

When my dad was a tavern owner, he commissioned my mom and I to make dozens of salami and cheese appetizers for his Friday afternoon happy hour patrons.  "Salami Sticks" as we called them, are easy and economical to prepare.  And everyone loves them! 

Here's the simple recipe:
  • Purchase 20 thin slices of hard salami.  I buy mine at the local Target.  I purchase the Market Pantry brand for around $2.00.
  • Buy a package of plain, hard breadsticks also priced at around $2.00.
  • Pick up a jar of Cheese Whiz.  Now, this type of cheese can get expensive and cost around $4.00, however you can substitute spray cheese to save a buck or two.  Or you can even use cream cheese, which only costs $1.00 at Aldi.
  • Spread the cheese onto the salami.
  • Roll the salami around the breadstick.
Salami sticks can be made about a half an hour before serving.

Hint - if you do purchase the Cheese Whiz, keep in mind that it can be refrigerated for future salami sticks!

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