Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kid's Birthday Party Gift Bags and Favors on a Budget

Don't you just love it when your kids return from a birthday party all hopped up on sugar and caffeine, only to be sent home with a gift bag overflowing with even more candy? (note sarcasm)

Well, here are some alternative party favor and gift bag ideas on a budget:
  • One year we hosted a cookie decorating party for our little girl and sent her guests home with gift bags full of cookie cutters, sprinkles and icing so they could continue to create at home.
  • After a recent scrapbooking party, we filled party favor gift bags with rubber stamps and stamp pads that we found at our local dollar store.  You can also find deeply discounted stamps at Michael's craft stores.
  • Hair accessories also make for great gift bag ideas for a girl's birthday party.  Purchase headbands, pony tail holders, barrettes and more at a dollar store or Target's Dollar Spot, to give to your party guests.
  • If your child adores a cartoon character like Dora, for example, log onto your computer and do a search for coloring pages.  Print out your favorites and send your party guests home with customized coloring books on a budget.
For more birthday party favors and gift bag ideas click here:

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