Saturday, April 16, 2011

Budgetland Weekly Feature: Make Money Writing for Ehow/Demand Studios

Although I always tell my husband that my job is not to earn money, it's to save money, I am also constantly trying to find new ways to make a little extra cash without leaving home.  A few years back I was doing some research and discovered a website named Ehow.  Ehow, which has recently merged with a company called Demand Studios, is a site that features "how to" articles written by everyday people. 

You can sign up for Ehow/Demand Studios and submit articles, recipes, crafts and more.  And you will actually make money based on how many people view your articles.  Your pieces will have to be approved first and must follow the fairly simple guidelines.  And the best part is, Ehow/Demand Studios accepts articles that are short and to the point.

I started writing for Ehow back in 2009.  The first few weeks I contributed a handful of articles and like a crazy woman kept checking my earnings to see if I made any money.  Sure enough, even after just a few days, the dollars were adding up and after submitting close to 20 pieces, I was earning about $10 per month.  Not bad for a beginner, but over the next year or so I turned in approximately 150 short articles and now passively earn about $60 per month!

I write about many different topics but mainly specialize in family recipes, holidays, kid's crafts, travel tips, home decor, gardening and more.  I also promote each one of my articles on Facebook and bookmark each one on Pingomatic, Google, Digg and Stumbleupon. 

And the Demand Studios portion of the site even offers an extensive list of article topics that you can claim and be paid for up-front.

If you are reluctant to get started, just grab a notebook and start writing a dozen or so short articles involving your favorite foods, recipes, hobbies, places or activities. Break your how to articles into easy to follow steps and then submit, submit, submit! 

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