Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homemade Easter Centerpieces on a Budget

If your are hosting Easter dinner this year, why not bedeck your tables with lovely homemade Easter centerpieces on a budget?  Simply peruse your cabinets, closets and garages for key (and free!) items like baskets, wreaths, vases, bonnets and more.

Here is an Easter centerpiece idea I came up with for under $5.00.  Search your home or purchase three pastel children's Easter bonnets with a brim.  I found such hats at the Dollar Spot in my local Target store right around Easter time.  Embellish the hats with silk flowers, patterned ribbon or butterflies.  Then, attach the hats atop one another using a glue gun for a whimsical, yet elegant, Easter centerpiece on a budget!

Here are some more ideas for fun and festive homemade Easter centerpieces on a budget:

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