Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy Easter Cupcakes on a Budget

While I am no Martha Stewart, I do occasionally like to get crazy with cupcakes!  This year I have come up with an adorable Easter egg hunt themed cupcake that is easy and economical to create.  You can make these sweet Easter cupcakes on a budget and you won't even need to purchase fancy, complicated or expensive supplies.  And this decorative budget friendly dessert can also serve as your table centerpiece!  Here's the recipe:

Purchase a boxed cake/cupcake mix and bake according to the instructions.

Dye a tub of vanilla or cream cheese frosting a sky blue with food coloring and spread onto your cooled cupcakes.

Embellish half of the cupcake with green candy sprinkles for grass.

Place several colorful Jelly Bellies on the cupcakes for your Easter eggs.

Here are some more festive Easter extras on a budget:

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  1. Fantastic and simple idea! Love your creativity! We certainly don't have to spend a lot to make our kids think something is special!