Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fantastic Father's Day Gifts for $20

Dads deserve way more than tacky neck ties and soap on a rope, don't ya think?  But in these tough economical times, so many people, like myself, seem to be living on a budget.  So here are some terrific and budget friendly Father's Day gift ideas for around $20, that your dad and your wallet will surely love:

You are never too old for ice cream and it's never too cold for ice cream!  With that in mind, purchase your dad a cone of the month club card from Oberweiss for Father's Day.  For just $19.95, your pop can savor a luscious Oberweiss ice cream cone every month of the year.

Digital Key Chain
For around $10 you can buy your dad a digital key chain, available at your local Walgreen's store.  This one-of-a-kind Father's Day gift can easily be uploaded with all of dad's very favorite photos that he can enjoy at anytime with just a click of a button.

Trader Joe's Edibles
Why not build a basket of goodies for your dad from Trader Joe's for an edible Father's Day gift on a budget?  You can include chips, salsas, nuts and beers from around the world.  Or if your dad has a sweet tooth, fill a basket or bag with Trader Joe's cookies, candies and more.

Nordstrom Watches for Men
Believe it or not, Nordstrom has cool titanium watches for just under $20.  Dad will surely love the chic styles featuring oversized numbers, sleek canvas and rubber bands and an assortment of colors like:  black, white, yellow, gray and red.  Nordstrom also advertises men's sunglasses starting at just $10 per pair.

Avon Gift Sets
Contact your local Avon rep for an easy and economical Father's Day gift.  Avon catalogs are now advertising three piece gift sets for dad in their popular Black Suede and Wild Country scents.  Each set consists of cologne, deodorant and after shave conditioner, all for just $9.99.  At this rate, you could buy dad one of each scent!

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