Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Make Edible Easter Baskets with Ice Cream Cones

So what does an empty ice cream cone have to do with Easter?  Well, absolutely nothing, unless you use said ice cream cone as an edible Easter basket!  Here's how:

  1. Purchase a box of regular ice cream cones at a dollar store or Aldi.
  2. Buy pink baking chips at Michael's craft store for around $3.00.  And if you sign up for their weekly email ad, you just may recieve 40% or even 50% off coupons.
  3. You will also need green candy sprinkles, clear plastic bags and pastel ribbon.  Once again a Michael's coupon will surely come in handy for the above items.
  4. Now, melt the pink baking chips in the microwave and stir until smooth.
  5. Dip the rims of the cones in the melted mixture and roll in the green sprinkles.  Let dry.
  6. Fill your edible Easter baskets with tasty treats like:  Jelly Bellies, pastel M&Ms, malted milk balls or foil wrapped chocolates.
  7. Place your edible Easter baskets in the plastic bags and tie the tops with decorative ribbon.

Here's another fun Edible Easter project your kids will surely enjoy:


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