Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kid's Halloween Party Ideas

I think I love Halloween just as much as the kids in my family.  It’s by far my favorite “holiday.” So, I have come up with some spooky ideas for your next kid's Halloween party!

Every Halloween party should consist of the basics:  costumes, candy, cupcakes, bobbing for apples, spooky music and scary stories.  I’ll be focusing on the scary story aspect of the party.

After the distribution of candy, cupcakes and apples, sit the kids down in a candlelit room and put on a CD of eerie tunes.  Proceed to tell a haunted tale about a mad scientist who created creepy concoctions in his laboratory. 

Have dad walk in wearing a lab coat, glasses and a crazy wig. Tell a tale about a mishap at the lab that left bags of various body parts behind. 

Have the mad scientist pass the bags around so that the kids may touch what is inside: 

Use grapes as eyeballs. 

Make some Jell-o and tell the kids it’s a slimy brain.

Buy gummy worms and let the kids believe they are intestines.

Crush up some uncooked pasta noodles and tell the kids that it’s a bag of toenails.

Then turn up the lights and have the children write down what they thought the mystery items really were and then award the winner with some candy, of course!

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