Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re-use Old Greeting Cards to Make New Gift Tags

After celebrating my daughter’s birthday, I am always left with dozens of beautiful greeting cards.  I hate to throw them out, but I also hate to stuff them into an already overflowing drawer.  So, I’ve decided to re-use the cards to make homemade birthday gift tags.

Here’s how it’s done:

Using a scissors with a decorative edge, cut out the pictures on the front of the cards.  Cut various shapes like ovals, squares, diamonds, hearts and more.  Or if you have stencils you can create more specific shapes like cakes, teddy bears, flowers, etc.

Punch a hole at the top of the homemade birthday gift tag and write to and from on the blank side.  Adhere the tag to your gift box or bag.

You can also add a matching piece of solid colored card stock paper to create a layered look and to make the tag sturdier.

Re-use your old cards to make these charming homemade birthday gift tags and save money all year long!

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